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What are the advantages of Song Hong Pure Padding Mattress in comparing to the others? Are they warranted?aac

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In general, padding mattress is lighter and more easily movable than the other kind of mattress. In particular, our Song Hong Pure Padding Mattress is manufactured from pure cotton fibers with sustainable structures on modern production lines that imported from South Korea. Thus, our Pure Padding Mattress reaches the best quality of elasticity, smoothness, fire resistance and anti mold. Song Hong Pure Padding Mattress is suitable for all people, particularly for protecting your sleep and backbone of adults as well as children. Song Hong Pure Padding Mattress is warranted for 5 years.

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How many categories do Song Hong Beddings have? And what are the advantages of Song Hong Beddings’ products?

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We have manifold category, including duvet, blanket, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow, bolster pillow, padding mattress, children's beddings, hotels beddings, etc...

Song Hong Beddings has been voted as Vietnam High Quality Goods by consumers for nearly 10 years. In 2009, Song Hong Duvet was especially voted as the best of Vietnam High Quality Goods that was organized by Saigon Marketing Magazine.

Our products use high quality raw materials, and meeting the requirement of formaldehyde and azo level; Therefore, our Beddings are absolutely safe and give smooth, comfortable feeling to the users.

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What should I do if I buy a fake product of Song Hong Beddings?

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In case of buying a fake one, please call us: 0350.3 849 649 (ext. 27) and give us the information. We will have a worthy reward for people who find out any fake product and give accurate information about fake product of Song Hong Beddings

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What should I do if I buy a defect or bad quality product? Can I return the product?

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In case of buying a defect or bad quality product, you should contact the shop where you bought to change a good one. If the shop don’t handle the problem, you can contact our Area Distributor / Agent or contact us 

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Where is Song Hong headquarters and how many collections do you have?

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You can find our headquarter / office / factory as bellows:

- 105 Nguyen Duc Thuan, Nam Dinh City (headquarters)

- 108 Nguyen Hien, Nam Dinh City (Beddings Factory)

- Highway 10, Loc Ha Ward, Nam Dinh City (Garment Factory)

- Xuan Truong Industrial Zone, Nam Dinh province (Garment Factory)

- Hai Phuong Industrial Zone, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province (Garment Factory)

- Mỹ Trung Industrial Zone, Nam Dinh City

We have following collections of Song Hong’s Bedding: Classic Collection, Home Collection, Luxury Collection, Doraemon and Hello Kitty Coleection for children and Hotel Collection