MB1: 094.746.1388 MB2: 093.699.1998 MN: 090.335.9849
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Pure Padding Mattress with Brocade Cover

The Pure Padding Mattress of Songhong with brocade fabric cover are made of the best quality and sterilized materials that is safe for all skin.
The Mattress cover - high quality with delicate pattern brocade fabric - is luxury, comfortable and handy by using the zipper that helps to easily remove the cover fabric for washing

MB : 093.699.1998 - 094.746.1388; MN : 090.335.9849

Continuously, engineers all over the world have been working on creating products with superior features that not only satisfy fully human being's essential needs but also effective protect our environment. Engineers of Songhong Garment JSC are of no exception. This has become our ethical principle and guidance in all of our activities in research, production and trading business. Songhong's mattress and padding/insulation of the second generation, that are all made of the purest materials, are the products of our latest production line which contains many exceptional functions against all other available in Vietnam.

Songhong's mattress and padding/insulation of the second generation are only made of the best quality and sterilized materials, free from any kind of chemical during manufacturing process. Recycled materials are absolutely unacceptable. It is for the first time in Vietnam, such a high standard mattress and insulation appear. Again, Songhong's trademark is enhancing in the local market.

Why we are very confident and pround about our newly invented mattress? Because this product line is greatly elastic, specially structuralized while satisfying the demands of flatness and toughness to best care for human's backbone, where the most vital human nerves are concentrated.

Another positive feature of our mattress is that it is very cost effective thanks to the advantages of our latest production line and qualified operation team. That is why our product having superior feature to well protect human's health and our environment but maintaining at a cost that is acceptable by the majority of Vietnamese people. The product is warranted for 5 years and distributed only through our official agents.








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